Create a Four Page WordPress Website – Series Overview

Welcome to the series, Create a Four Page WordPress Website! This series is geared toward small businesses, but anyone who would like to create a four page website is welcome to join us.

Over the course of this series, learners will:

  • Structure their website from start to finish in a series of interactive lessons, including their colors, fonts, headers, footers, pages, templates, and everything in between!
  • Explore WordPress in both large group settings and small-group breakout rooms
  • Learn valuable WordPress troubleshooting, website building, and information-finding skills in-context

Learners will leave this series with a deep understanding of the difference between the site editor and page editor, the ability to create additional new pages and optional blog posts, and a strong foundation in WordPress block themes. Whether you just want to make this one website or style ones in the future, this introductory, interactive course will enable you to create and manage one or more WordPress websites long into the future!

Best of all, learners will leave with a completed website of their very own–and the ability to migrate it to a live WordPress host of their choice!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What am I expected to do?

This series is meant to be highly interactive. During the live sessions, you will:

  • Watch a video or demonstration, then apply what you learn to a WordPress website of your own
  • Join optional breakout rooms based on learner questions and level to explore topics of interest
  • Occasionally (and optionally) share your screen or website with your instructors or other learners to help troubleshoot potential issues
  • Ask your own questions and answer other learner questions aloud or in the chatbox
  • Interact with instructors and other learners kindly and with curiosity — this is a new experiment that includes additional interactivity. You’re learning with us, including your instructors!

Does this series cost money?

Nope! We will be using a series of free tools that will allow you to build a website on your own computer. You will also be able to share this website only with the learners in this course. If you choose to eventually make your website go live, you will eventually need to find a host and domain of your choice, but to learn and build

Do I have to attend every session?

This is not mandatory. While we encourage learners to attend each session to build on key concepts, it is not necessary to attend every session – we have specifically structured this series so that it corresponds with the text-based course, Creating a Four-Page Business website. If you miss a session, you can take the lessons in the course to get caught up, or you can view former recordings of these sessions.

To respect every learner’s time, please note that we will only answer questions as they relate to the day’s topic–topics that were covered in an earlier session or that are advanced beyond the scope of the day’s session will be tabled to the end of the session or addressed in a future session.

What’s the benefit of attending live?

Attend sessions live to ask questions as they emerge, join small-group breakout rooms to experiment and troubleshoot together, share your screen and see what others have done, and practice experimenting with WordPress under the instruction of Sarah Snow and Kathryn Presner. Your instructors can help troubleshoot common problems in a large group setting or small-group breakout rooms as you get comfortable with the WordPress editor.

Will there be homework?

A bit! One thing that’s important to us is that you are able to apply what you learn on your own; each session is scheduled to last an hour, but you will likely want to make additional changes on your own time. Plan to spend at least an additional 30 minutes a week (in addition to the hour sessions) on your website.

Audience: Users

Level: Beginners

Language: English with Zoom Captions Provided

RSVP link available after sign-up.

You can sign up to join the first session (May 9th at 1900 UTC) over at the Session #1 Page at!

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