Lover of language learning, cooking, rescuing grumpy old parrots, exploring new places, wrinkly dogs, and of course, WordPress!

Hi there, I’m Sarah!

Once upon a time, I was a middle school teacher located in Denver, Colorado, USA–I adored teaching kids English, Journalism, and Creative Writing.

A little bit of serendipity sent me on a grand adventure into the incredible wide world of WordPress–and now, I get to help people plan their own adventures in WordPress land.

Whether I’m working from my homebase in sunny Florida, USA, or desperately seeking stable Wi-Fi while traveling on the road, I’m lucky enough to do what I love — teach people something awesome so they, too, can share their stories and brilliance — every day.

What I Do

Develop Courses, Lesson Plans, and Learning Spaces

Run Zoom Social Learning Spaces

Collaborate With Contributors on WordPress’ Training Team

Empower Users and Teachers

(You can find me over at learn.wordpress.org)